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SnapDoor is a transparent online marketplace where multiple buyers compete for your home. Powered by our proprietary algorithm, an expert Realtor works to deliver you the highest price and preferred offer terms.

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SnapDoor is a proven way to find the best price in both seller and buyer markets.

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With buyers competing for your home, their urgency means fewer days on market.


With the help of an expert agent and the Snap Score method, eliminate risky offers.

Sell Your Home in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Once you qualify, set your reserve price and then list and market your home on SnapDoor.

Step 2

Choose from multiple offers ranked by our proprietary algorithm and given a Snap Score.

Step 3

Close the deal with confidence, knowing that you picked the best offer.

Featured Snap Homes

Charming Cape Cod

Palisades Cape Cod

5730 MacArthur Blvd, NW Washington, D.C. 20016

Offers Welcome

No Offers Scored

Modest Footprint and City Living

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Alexandria Townhouse

Beautiful Alexandria Townhouse

1505 Portner Road, Alexandria, VA 22314

Sold on SnapDoor

Highest Snap Score: 798

Beautiful Alexandria Townhouse

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Charming Cape Cod

Bluemont Cape Cod

625 Emerson Street, Arlington, VA 22203

Sold on SnapDoor

Highest Snap Score: 920

Close to Ballston Metro and I-66

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About Us

We are working hard to bring true transparency to the process of buying and selling homes.

The idea for SnapDoor came to us from our personal experience in representing buyers and sellers in the Washington, D.C. area. Time after time, we would see how the lack of transparency left buyers not knowing why they had lost a home, despite making a great offer. Likewise, sellers would not achieve the best possible deal at terms and conditions that fit their needs, as it was too difficult to weigh contingencies, or they didn’t have full visibility into their real estate agent’s thought process.

We thought, “there has got to be a better way.” And so SnapDoor was born.

At a time when homes are rented out online and car owners can offer rides through a mobile app, we think that an ethically run SnapDoor transaction can bring buyers and sellers of homes together in a way that offers clarity about what is important to each party and what the market value of the home truly is. And unlike many “disruptors” in real estate, we ensure that the listing agent and buyer’s agent are still part of the process, as we’ve seen with our own eyes how complicated the process can be.

If you think that a fair, open and secure home sale makes sense in today’s tech-enabled world, you’ll love using SnapDoor.

The SnapDoor Team